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Connecticut state employee health plan aims to reduce racial and gender disparities

The Connecticut State Capitol Building
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

State Comptroller Natalie Braswell joined Governor Ned Lamont in releasing a detailed health equity analysis of the state employee health plan.

Braswell said the plan seeks to remove racial and gender barriers in the healthcare system.

“The purpose of gathering the data through this study is to look at where exactly those racial disparities are and to use that data, that information and analysis, to come up with solutions to this problem.”

The data showed that Black and Hispanic employees were likely to receive less emergency room visits as compared to white employees. It also saw discrepancies for those at lower income levels and some urban areas where provider access is limited.

Lamont said the ultimate goal of the plan is to keep residents from all diverse backgrounds safe and out of the hospital.

"Life-saving preventive care needs to be easily accessible for everyone in our state," Lamont said.

Mike Lyle is a former reporter and host at WSHU.