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New guidance prepares Connecticut school districts to stay healthy ahead of the fall

Excited students dump buckets of soil on their new school garden beds and present their findings.
Megan Briggs
Excited students dump buckets of soil on their new school garden beds in New Haven.

Connecticut public health officials have announced their back-to-school guidance to keep staff and students safe from COVID-19 during the upcoming academic year.

The emphasis of the guidance is to reduce learning disruptions by making sure all students and teachers are fully vaccinated, said Manisha Juthani, the state’s public health commissioner. That’s possible now that all school-aged children are eligible for the vaccine.

“If you are a parent and you have not vaccinated your child yet, please take this opportunity to get them vaccinated," Juthani said. "It is going to be the number one way that we can keep children in school and prevent further outbreaks in school districts and in classrooms."

Juthani said the state would deploy mobile vaccination vans to make it convenient for school children to be vaccinated, “It's a reminder that we can be there and be a help to those of you who want easy access to this vaccine,” she added.

The state is also providing schools with COVID-19 test kits and recommends indoor masking during local outbreaks.

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