It's Election Day — Voters Head To The Polls In Connecticut & New York

Nov 3, 2020

Voters in Connecticut and New York have been up at the crack of dawn to vote in today's election.


In Connecticut, a historic number of people have cast absentee ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, hundreds of thousands of Connecticut voters are still expected to vote in person.

Connecticut officials urge voters not to be scared off by long lines at the polls . They say that 6-foot social distancing rules could make things look worse than they really are.

Officials say voters will be allowed to vote if they're in line by 8:00 pm, when the polls officially close.

In New York, it's not clear if nine days of early voting will reduce wait times at the polls. New York also offered no-excuse absentee ballots this year because of the pandemic. The polls in New York close at 9:00 pm

Election officials in both states say it may take days to count all the absentee ballots and declare a winner.