DEEP Warns Beachgoers About Dangers Of Milford's Sandbar

Jul 5, 2018

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is warning visitors to Silver Sands State Park in Milford not to walk out on its famed sandbar when it is covered with water.

Last July, a 28-year-old man drowned when he was swept off the sandbar while walking on it with a friend. 

DEEP spokesperson Chris Collibee says the state cannot block access to the sandbar, commonly referred to as a tombolo, which connects the beach to nearby Charles Island. Collibee says all they can do is warn residents about the dangers.

“We don’t want people going out there. We can’t block access to the tombolo itself. So, by putting a warning sign up, hopefully it will discourage folks from going out there as well. So people can walk out on the tombolo; however, we strongly, strongly discourage it, and hopefully the signs are part of that.”

Collibee says this is the fourth warning sign they’ve put up during the summer season.

“We do recognize the danger, and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt. We want people to come back to our parks, but we also don't want to put a strain on first responders as well. So anytime that we can increase public awareness through signs, that is something we are going to pursue.”

Charles Island is also closed for its bird sanctuary from May 1 to August 31.