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Baum on Books

With an eye on reviewing fiction and nonfiction that has regional resonance for Connecticut or Long Island, Joan Baum considers the timeliness and significance of recently published work: what these books have to say to a broad group of readers today and how they say it in a distinctive or unique manner, taking into account style and structure as well as subject matter.

Latest Episodes
  • In 1938 a complex plan was underway to remove Adolf Hitler from power. A new historical novel takes a closer look at that plot and how it all went wrong.
  • Brutally realistic about the effects of war and realpolitik, but also affectingly personal and nostalgic, The Bucharest Dossier is suspenseful enough to make one forget the woes of the world for a while.
  • In his first novel, author Jeff Schnader sets his novel during the volatile student protests on the Columbia University campus in 1972.
  • Award-winning writer Colson Whitehead's latest novel is a comic crime caper set in 1960s Harlem.
  • Yale University Press has published the new edition of its Book of Quotes. This latest version sets the record straight on who really said what.
  • The king of horror and supernatural haunting, Stephen King, hasn’t forgotten his fan base — there’s a nod in his new book to The Shining’s creepy Overlook…
  • Seventy years ago this past spring, husband and wife Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted for spying for the Soviet Union, largely on testimony…
  • Forgotten in Death is the 53rd book in J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas murder mystery series, as in fill-in-the-first-word: “_____ in Death,” the first book being…
  • It can’t be easy writing a new book in a series because you have to consider readers who may be coming to you for the first time, as well as keep up with…
  • There are books galore about American presidents — biographies, memoirs, analyses by colleagues, family members, scholars, journalists, by presidents…