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Long Island Power Plant To Be Site Of Hydrogen-Natural Gas Hybrid Fuel Experiment

Natural Gas
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

New York plans to test blending natural gas with a cleaner alternative at a power plant on Long Island. It could help the state meet goals to cut carbon emissions.

Atoms of water can be split using solar and wind energy. That produces the colorless gas, hydrogen. But since it’s made using renewable energy, it's called green-hydrogen.

The New York Power Authority will spend $8.5 million on this pilot project at the power plant in Brentwood. It will mix green-hydrogen with natural gas to produce more energy during peak times.

They will start with a blend of about 5% green-hydrogen to an increase of up to 30%. That way fewer fossil fuels are burned. The green-hydrogen will be trucked in from Canada.