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Lamont Inaugurates CT Alert System With Coronavirus Message

Courtesy of Connecticut Emergency and Alerting and Notification Systems

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has used the state’s CT Alert system to urge state residents to stay home during the COVID-19 emergency.

Here’s part of the message Lamont sent to more than 4 million telephone numbers in Connecticut on Sunday.

“This is Governor Ned Lamont. I’m calling to urge you personally: Stay safe, stay home. I’m not ordering you to stay home, I’m strongly urging you to stay home to make sure that you and your neighbors are much less likely to be infected by the highly contagious COVID-19 virus.”

The voice message was accompanied by a text message to mobile phones. 

The CT Alert system provides voice calls, SMS messages and emails to more than 4.3 million phone numbers and email addresses in Connecticut.

The system is used for emergency public safety messages from state agencies. Municipalities also use it for local emergency updates. 

Lamont is the first governor to use it since it was established in 2009. 

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