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Eversource Cable Route Draws Criticism In Norwalk

Carol M. Highsmith
Library of Congress
Norwalk Harbor in Norwalk, Conn.

Norwalk Harbor officials say they want to stop Eversource Energy from running two 115-kilovolt transmission cables under the newly rebuilt boat docks at Veterans Memorial Park.  

John Pinto, chairman of the Harbor Management Commission’s Application Review Committee, says the commission will not agree to Eversource’s relocation plan if it adversely impacts the boating facility.

“They had indicated that they would go deeper under the piles and then come up in a far distant location in the parking area but still under the visitors’ dock area. And that we find unacceptable.”

Pinto says moving the transmission line will devalue city property, but added, “I want to make it absolutely clear that we are not opposed to the repositioning of the cables.”

Eversource officials say they need to move the electrical lines from the Metro-North rail lines along the 120-year-old Walk Bridge in order to update that lift bridge, which sometimes gets stuck open.

Eversource officials say they’ll continue to work on the best route for the transmission lines with the state Department of Transportation and the Harbor Management Commission.