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New Haven Schools Face Closure Due To $6.6 Million Budget Deficit

Anthony Moaton
New Light High School is one of the alternative schools Superintendent Carol Birks will audit.

New Haven schools are facing a $6.6 million deficit this year, which may lead to closings and firings before summer starts. 

Carol Birks, superintendent of the New Haven school system, has already reduced the deficit by firing part-time employees who have received pensions or reduced their hours.

The deficit for next year is projected to be $15-20 million due to decreased grant funding and increased expenses. 

New Haven’s Board of Education wants her to audit six schools, including two high schools, an elementary school, and three alternative schools, to see if any of them need to be closed or consolidated to save costs.  

Birks says she has made a reorganization plan, and says she will base her decision off of enrollment numbers, cost to operate facilities, and the amount of racial isolation if more than 75 percent of the students are minorities. She says she will make her recommendations within the next two weeks. 

Anthony Moaton is a former fellow at WSHU.