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Suffolk County Democrats Push For Red Light Camera Study

Tim Mueller

Democrats in the Suffolk County Legislature want to commission a six-month study to look into whether red light cameras are creating more accidents.

Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker hopes the study will get to the bottom of what is actually happening.

“We’re going to look and see is there construction being done? Is it in a high trafficked area, you know maybe by a school where we see a lot more pedestrian traffic? And maybe there needs to be additional safety measures to make those areas safer.”

Republican members believe the program is a threat to both motorists and pedestrians because of shortened yellow light times. They say it also has led to an increase in rear end crashes.

Suffolk County Legislator Robert Trotta has proposed to get rid of the cameras. He says there is no need for the study that will cost the county $250,000.

“It’s nothing more of wasteful spending on the part of the legislators, the Democratic legislators.

The bill to create the red light camera study will be voted on at the next county legislature meeting next Tuesday.