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Garry Schyman's Music Helps Unravel A Mystery In 'Torn'

Composer Garry Schyman has created music for some blockbuster games, including Bioshock and Middle Earth: Shadow of War. His latest project is for the mysterious VR gameTornby Aspyr Studios.

In Torn, a world-renowned scientist, Dr.Talbott, was on the brink of an earth-shattering discovery when he disappeared, and he has now been missing for over 50 years. His mansion has beeen discovered by a blogger, who's determined to find out what happened.  

As Garry told me in our conversation, composing the music for Torn was a wonderful opportunity to write music that's lyrical and melodic, and made for a welcome change of pace, as we'll hear with this preview of his soundtrack:

Garry says scoring Torn was very similar to writing for film because of the well-written story, and the way the game progresses. 


Even the recording session for the soundtrack was a great experience because Garry says it gave him a chance to record at his favorite studio in the world: the Fox Scoring Studio, which is so large it has natural reverberation, which adds tremendously to the sound.

Garry's soundtrack for Torn will be published by Varese Sarabande on August 24.  

Credit varesesaraband.com
Torn soundtrack cover art

Episode tracklist

All tracks by Garry Schyman

TornLeaf Storm; Rena's Theme

Bioshock InfiniteElizabeth

Torn: Title Sequence; The Obsertory; Valet; 

Bioshock Infinite: Lighter Than Air; Family Reunion

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