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Connecticut’s Latino students offered college scholarships through Hispanic Alliance

President Elsa Nunez of Eastern and Claudio Melendez-Cooper, Executive Director of the Hispanic Alliance sign the cooperation agreement.jpg
Brian Scott-Smith
WSHU Public Radio
President Elsa Nunez of Eastern Connecticut University and Claudio Melendez-Cooper, executive director of the Hispanic Alliance sign the cooperation agreement.

Eastern Connecticut State University has announced an historic first by signing a partnership with the Hispanic Alliance to offer scholarships to in-state students from Latino communities.

University President Elsa Nunez said these scholarships help those students who might not be the typical A and B grade achievers.

“So, in this partnership we welcome the students who will get the scholarship. Many of them will need extra support and we’re prepared to give it to them,” Nunez said. “But we can almost guarantee that if the student does his or her part, the four-year graduation reality will be their dream come true.”

Nunez said for the last six years, Eastern has become a leader throughout New England and the U.S. as a haven for undocumented students by being among the first schools to accept “Opportunity Scholars” through The Dream.US Foundation.

Students will begin enrolling in the new scholarships this fall. Eastern will provide matching financial support for Hispanic Alliance scholars.

“For taking the risks and believing in the kids that other institutions wouldn’t believe in; for seeing there’s a story behind Cs and Ds for seeing potential, even in Cs and Ds, that there is opportunity; that there is community,” said Claudio Melendez-Cooper, the alliance’s founder.

An award-winning freelance reporter/host for WSHU, Brian lives in southeastern Connecticut and covers stories for WSHU across the Eastern side of the state.