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Once devastated, ospreys now thrive in Long Island Sound

Anastasia Zinkerman

Ospreys are majestic birds of prey that live along Long Island Sound.

You might see them flying back to their nests high up on platforms—a fish dangling from the talons of their long legs, they glide in on wide wings to feed their young.

But forty years ago, you would’ve had almost no chance to see these eagle-like birds with their 5-foot wingspans.

WSHU's Mark Herz went to the Connecticut Audubon Society in Milford to find out how that happened, and how they’re doing now. 

You can watch the live goings-on at the osprey nest behind the Connecticut Audubon Society on their osprey cam.

You can find the closest nesting ospreys in your area by going to an interactive map on this page.

You can also follow the migration and movements of osprey on an interactive map here.

Mark is a former All Things Considered host and former senior editor with WSHU.