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WSHU's guide of where, when and how to vote in Connecticut during the 2020 election.

Connecticut Poll Monitoring, Explained

Polling Place Sign
Craig LeMoult

Both Republicans and Democrats have promised to monitor the polls for fraudulent ballots. While Connecticut does not have official poll watchers, the law strictly regulates challenges to voter eligibility.

Any registered voter, or an appointed official challenger, can question another voter’s eligibility. Official challengers are rarely used in Connecticut. The person making the challenge must know, or reasonably believe, that the voter is not who they say they are, does not live where they say they live, or is disenfranchised.

The moderator at the polling place decides whether to uphold the challenge or allow the person to vote. If the challenge is upheld, the voter still has the right to fill out a provisional ballot. Moderators also have the authority to remove anyone from the polling place who interferes with another person’s ability to vote.

If you encounter any problems at the polls, you should contact the state’s Election Day hotline at 866-733-2463 or elections@ct.gov.