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Connecticut Legislators Considering Bill To Refurbish Industrial Properties

Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay

Connecticut lawmakers meeting this week in a special session will consider a number of bills, including one aimed at making the state more attractive to real estate investors.

Joan Hartley is a state senator from Waterbury. She says one outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is that a number of businesses in major cities like Boston and New York are looking to relocate to states like Connecticut.

“People want a quality of life, a smaller community. They do not want to have those dense transportation systems, and so they are singing our song.”

Hartley says that's why the General Assembly should pass the bill to update the state’s real estate transfer act. She says it would help turn blighted industrial properties in Connecticut’s cities into attractions for businesses seeking to move into the state.

Ron Napoli is a state representative from Waterbury. He says passage of the bill would expedite the rehabilitation of old industrial properties in his city.

“This legislation would help us address brownfields just like this and make them hubs for our economy to flourish. It's also going to do so while protecting the environment, which is very important.”