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All-Female Board Of Selectmen Makes History In Stonington

Town of Stonington, Connecticut
Stonington Town Hall

For the first time ever, the Town of Stonington’s Board of Selectmen is comprised entirely of women.

Danielle Chesebrough, June Strunk and Deborah Downie won all three selectman positions in the recent elections. Chesebrough becomes first selectman. 

Chesebrough says her years of work as an international analyst for the United Nations has given her the skills to understand the needs of the community. 

“We’re seeing so much action from mayors around the world, who were doing such amazing work right at the local level, that it started to kind of click for me more that, you know but I love the global work and the bigger macro picture issues, it just felt like the right time to try work on some of these things right at home.”

Strunk says they know they’re being watched. 

“Anytime there’s history being made, there’s more eyes, more criticism, perhaps greater expectations or not knowing what to expect. So, yeah I think that’s just the natural part of people.” 

All three women have previously served on Stonington town boards and commissions and live in Stonington, as required under the town’s charter.

They were sworn into office last week.