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Planned Parenthood Pledges To Stay Open In Connecticut

Jeff Roberson
Associated Press

Planned Parenthood officials in Connecticut have pledged to stay open. That’s despite a Trump administration rule that pulls federal funding from healthcare providers that advise on abortions. 

In Connecticut, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England receives the most women’s health funds, known as Title X.

But that organization said this week it cannot accept those millions of dollars anymore because a Trump Administration rule would force them to stop refering women for abortions. 

Amanda Skinner of Planned Parenthood condemns the so-called gag rule.

“Planned Parenthood was forced out of the Title X program, the nation’s only family planning program for ensuring access to affordable accessible birth control and family planning services, and we were forced out because of the Trump-Pence administration’s cruel and harmful gag rule.”

Skinner says Planned Parenthood in the region received more than $2 million dollars in Title X funds last year to serve more than 40,000 patients. They plan to make up the gap with donations.


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