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Connecticut News

Another Year, Another Stab At Keeping Conn. On Permanent Daylight Saving Time

Elise Amendola

Connecticut State Representative Kurt Vail has reintroduced his perennial legislation to keep Connecticut on daylight saving time permanently. This year he made changes that would link Connecticut with neighboring states that also made the switch.

Daylights saving time shifts an hour of sunlight toward the end of the day as opposed to the beginning. That means more daylight for shopping and exercise after work, but it also means getting up and waiting for the school bus in the dark. In the past, another objection to permeant daylight saving time was making Connecticut an outlier among its neighbors. Vail amended his bill to link Connecticut’s time zone to other states’.

“It wouldn’t go into effect unless Massachusetts and Rhode Island were also to pass. And when Massachusetts discussed it, theirs was contingent on Maine and New Hampshire. It would probably eventually get down to New England moving into another time zone.”

Vail says his main goal is spark public debate about the idea. A similar measure has been introduced in New York for the last two years without making it out of committee.