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Paladino To NY GOP: Support Trump

(AP Photo/Mike Groll)

Former New York gubernatorial candidate and Buffalo businessman, Carl Paladino, is urging Republicans in New York to support Donald Trump in the upcoming state primary this April.

In his open letter to New York's Republicans, Paladino praises Trump for his support of small businesses and men and women in the military. He also writes that Trump is not in the pockets of special interests. While Trump has sparked numerous controversies, Paladino said Trump simply refuses to be politically correct, and that he's resonating with everyday people because they aren't feeling represented by established leadership.

“We’ve got a wimp in the office of the presidency today who is everything that we don’t want in a president,” Paladino said. “He’s illustrative every day of a man who is clueless on how to lead the people in a direction that we want to go, not the direction that a bunch of liberal elitists on the academic campuses want to go.”

Paladino suggested the local GOP party leadership is taking orders from the state level, ordering them to remain neutral.

Erie County GOP chairman Nick Langworthy took exception to Paladino’s criticism. Langworthy said voters will dictate who represents the party in the April Primary.

“If there still is a field – because candidates will drop out of this race – I think it will be a far more narrow field and we’ll have a better picture of who is poised to be the nominee in time for that primary,” he said.

Langworthy said if there's a reason why Democrats have already thrown their support behind Hillary Clinton, it's because she's their obvious, and only, choice. He went on to suggest that Clinton - in his words - feels entitled, given her history as a former First Lady, Secretary of State, and U.S. Senator from New York.

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