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Gov. Malloy Says He’d Veto GOP And Democratic Budgets

Stephan Savoia

Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy said on Thursday that neither the Republican nor the Democratic caucus in the state legislature has produced a budget he’d be willing to sign.

Malloy was speaking to reporters in Hartford about the just concluded regular legislative session. He said that if the Republican budget that had been briefly considered on the final day of the session had passed, he would have vetoed it. And if the Democratic outline for a budget had passed, he would have vetoed that too.

“I think it would be in all of our interest to get a budget done. We are nowhere near that today.”   

That’s because lawmakers ended their legislative session on Wednesday without passing a budget. They are planning to spend the next couple of weeks negotiating a deal that could be passed in a special session before the end of the month. If they fail to pass a budget by then, on July 1 Governor Malloy will take charge of state spending by executive authority until a budget is passed.