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New Haven schools to offer teachers extra money for additional classes

Martin Bureau
AFP/Getty Images

The New Haven Board of Education recently approved a measure to pay teachers an additional 20% of their salary if they agree to teach an additional class.

This deal between the New Haven Federation of Teachers and district administration was approved unanimously by the board.

"An agreement like this was necessary because many educators are going where there is more financial opportunity for them,“ said Iline Tracey, the Superintendent of Schools.

"People just tell you ‘I’m going to get a chance to get, you know, more funds in another school, I can’t really pass it up,’ and then you have to understand,” she said during a board meeting this week.

There was some concern during the meeting regarding the financial aspect. The total cost remains unknown, since it depends on how many educators accept the offer. But Mayor Justin Elicker, a member of the board, said that the costs may be offset by the unfilled teaching positions.

The board hopes this measure will provide at least a short-term solution to the notable teacher shortage in subjects like math, science and social studies. While they believe that the students will benefit from these extra classes, the board also recognizes that they are asking educators to put in even more effort than is required in their contracts.

Board members hope that the compensation for the extra classes makes up for the additional workload.

Emily is a former news intern at WSHU.