WSHU Community Advisory Board

In order to inform the listener, WSHU, a licensed affiliate of National Public Radio, hereby sets forth the core principles, which are the foundation of our programming:

  • As a public service institution, WSHU pledges to adhere to the highest standards of independence and integrity in all aspects of broadcasting.
  • We interpret independence to mean that we will strive to maintain editorial autonomy, free from improper outside influence, and guard against conflicts of interest, whether actual or apparent.
  • We interpret integrity to mean strict adherence to the standards of honesty, fairness and accuracy.

The WSHU Public Radio Community Advisory Board (CAB) consists of a group of individual members, representing the listeners of WSHU and WSUF.

Through its open public meetings, the CAB discusses suggested changes in programming and community service proposed by WSHU management. In addition, members are copied on all programming complaints, compliments and new programming ideas proposed to management from listeners.

In its advisory capacity, the CAB discusses how WSHU programs respond to the interests of our community, and advises management on changes.

All Community Advisory Board (CAB) meetings are open to the public and are held on a regular basis. Meetings schedules are posted on the Web site, announced on air, and printed as a "PUBLIC NOTICE" at least twice before each meeting in the "Connecticut Post."


Ms. MaryJane Berrien Westport, CT
Mr. Dean Ahlberg Redding, CT
Ms. Ann Bello Norwalk, CT
Ms. Cathy Alfandre Easton, CT