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We've been celebrating our 30th anniversary as an NPR News and classical music station by sharing some of our behind-the-scenes stories.We've also asked you to share some of your stories, and we've gotten some terrific ones. Folks have told us about the programs they just can't live without - their "public radio moments" - and even how WSHU has figured into some pretty big life events.It's been hard to choose the "best" stories, but below are some of our favorites. Read on and learn what your fellow listeners have to say. Spoiler alert: turns out that WSHU can take some credit for a successful relationship.

Bruce Miller


Bruce Miller, Cos Cob, Conn.

18 years ago, when I first started dating a cultured, intelligent, musically accomplished young woman, she and I were driving on a Sunday. I turned on the car radio and what was then called “Sunday Morning Baroque” began playing. As we left the Stamford area, the signal started to get weak, but I merely pressed a radio preset and picked it up on another, stronger frequency. "Wow, you really must like WSHU and this show!" she said enthusiastically. I answered that I listened all week, and especially looked forward to Sundays.

Later, after we were married, she told me that she knew I was a good guy for her because of my listening habits. We still listen to Sunday Baroque and WSHU in the car, at the office, and now through Internet radio when we are away from home!