Trump Spends $5 Million In Biden Attack Ads

Oct 28, 2019

Republican President Donald Trump has launched an unprecedented television attack blitz against former Vice President Joe Biden. That’s according to the latest analysis by the Wesleyan University Media Project.

Erika Franklin Fowler of the Wesleyan Media Project says since September Trump has spent $5 million on attack ads targeting Biden on local TV in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Fowler says they’ve not seen anything like it in the 20 years they’ve been tracking presidential campaign ads.

“It is very unusual for an incumbent president to single out one candidate during another party’s nomination. Especially to go that heavy that quickly.”

Fowler says Trump has still been outspent by Democratic candidate Bill Steyer. The California billionaire has spent $14 million on television ads attacking Trump since September 12. She says most other candidates have not bought any TV ads in the past month.