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Quill has a bigger, bolder adventure in 'Moss Book II', and Jason Graves' soundtrack is with her every moment


The storybook world of Moss is in danger once again, and it's up to the small but fierce mouse, Quill, to navigate the dangers and defeat a fearsome foe who threatens to destroy everything in Polyarc Games' Moss Book II. Composer Jason Graves, who also composed the score for the original Moss, says the larger scope of the game, and the super-sized intensity of the enemies demanded larger instruments as well. He swapped a violin with a cello, the harp for a piano, and added dozens of wind instruments as well as two types of bazoukis.

Moss Book II has a more emotional story as well, with Quill experiences moments of heartbreaking loss and self-doubt. Jason says composing music for these was an emotional roller-coaster. He was very reluctant to finally come to the end of the soundtrack, because he says the entire team at Polyarc are so wonderful to work with, and Quill is such an incredibly deep character.

Jason's soundtrack is available on music streaming sites, and you can pre-order a CD or vinyl copy fromBandcamp.

Episode tracklist:

all tracks composed by Jason Graves, and performed by Jason, with Kristin Naigus, woodwinds, Tom Strahle, bazouki, oud, and Reinoud Ford, cello

Moss Book II: When One Door Shuts; By My Side; Not Welcome Here; Unafraid; To Raise an Army; The Starthing's Way; Glass House; The King's Glass; The Winter Glass; Letting Go; We Remember You

Thanks to Greg O'Connor-Read, Top Dollar PR

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