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Pedro Bromfman: Creating a musical signature for Yara in 'Far Cry 6'

screen shot from Far Cry 6
screen shot from Far Cry 6

Pedro Bromfman has built a stellar reputation for incorporating instruments from his native Brazil into his soundtracks, which include Narcos. He got his biggest challenge to date creating the musical identity for Ubisoft's Far Cry 6 set on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara. Pedro says the developers at Ubisoft gave him plenty to work with, including a dictator played by Gian-Carlo Esposito.

Yara is divided between dictator Anton Castillo and the revolutionaries let by Clara who want to overthrow him. Pedro created distinct identities of each of Yara's regions, as well as the music sounds of oppression and revolution. In addition to the in-game music, Pedro also scored over two hours of cinematics — as much as a full-length feature film. Pedro says the experience of collaborating with the team at Ubisoft was unlike any he's had before, and the payoff was experiencing his music at the game's premier in Toronto this fall. Pedro says it was such a high, he felt like he could float back on his own to Los Angeles!

Episode tracklist:
all tracks composed by Pedro Bromfmann

Far Cry 6: We are Lions; The Tourist; Libertad; El Presidente; Viva Clara; Madrugada; Rebuild Paradise; Balaceres; La Espada

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