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Should Connecticut Residents Have A 'Right To Housing'? Some Lawmakers Say Yes.

Office of State Rep. Brandon McGee
State Rep. Brandon McGee speaks in Hartford Monday.

Some state lawmakers want to declare Connecticut a “Right to Housing” state.  

Brandon McGee, House co-chair of the Housing Committee, says declaring Connecticut a right to housing state would help reverse years of housing discrimination in the state.

“Because having the opportunity to move to a high opportunity area is another way to break the cycle of generational poverty. It means stable housing by expanding home ownership, addressing just cause eviction laws, increasing tenant protections so that people don’t become homeless, helping to reduce the eviction rates around our state.”

Senate Co-Chair Saud Anwar says Connecticut should offer cities and towns financial incentives.

“The cost of spending a dollar in housing would result in a benefit of 15 to 20 dollars in return.”

Department of Housing officials say that, due to restrictive local zoning regulations, only 2% of homes built in Connecticut in the last 30 years have been accessible to low-income residents.