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UConn And Wilton-Based Tech Firm Look To Africa For New Battery Technology

Wikimedia Commons
A lithium-ion battery from a laptop computer.

The University of Connecticut and Wilton-based Cadenza Innovation have announced a partnership to research new technology for lithium-ion batteries.

Cadenza CEO Christina Lampe-Önnerud says one of their partner companies has found a new graphite mine in Mozambique and that Cadenza will work with UConn researchers to see if they can use it to power batteries.

“100 percent of battery anode materials today come out of China. And Syrah Resources, which is an Australian company, has found this incredible resource in Mozambique and is now looking to bring that into this industry.”

Lampe-Önnerud says the mine is an enormous resource that could drive the next era of battery technology.

She says Cadenza is investing $700,000 in its partnership with UConn over the next three years.