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SEC Meets Monday To Discuss Reconsidering Northern Pass Denial

Credit Michael Kappel/Flickr CC

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee meets Monday to discuss what to do about Eversource's appeal for its Northern Pass permit.

The meeting comes weeks after the SEC first rejected the proposed transmission line, which would run nearly 200 miles from Canada to New Hampshire.

Eversource's appeal argues that denial didn't give the Northern Pass plan its due consideration.

Opponents disagree, and say it's too soon to appeal anyway.

"I think Northern Pass is trying to push the envelope because they have a timing problem,” says spokesman Jack Savage of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

He's talking about the project's potential contract with Massachusetts. In a few weeks, that state will choose between Northern Pass and a competitor in Maine for a big renewable energy buy.

For now, the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee could grant or deny Eversource's request for a re-hearing. If they say no, the utility will likely appeal to the state's Supreme Court.

The SEC meets at 49 Donovan St. in Concord at 11 a.m. Monday. The hearing is public, but the committee does not plan to take testimony.  

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