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Wilding? Ruff Ride? Dog's Road Romp On Tractor Sparks Puns

As soon as the news broke, Traffic Scotland took pains to say it was a serious event, not a joke. But that didn't stop people from putting their own spin on the story of the border collie who took control of a small tractor — which then drove onto a highway Wednesday.

Traffic Scotland announced a disruption to the morning commute on the M74 highway, "due to dog taking control of tractor... nope, not joking." Saying that a farmer and police were at the scene, the agency added, "#maycausetailbacks" — using the term for long lines.

The dog lives on a sheep farm near the main highway southeast of Glasgow, near Abington. Farmer Tom Hamilton tells Scotland's STV, "I had not put the brake on the tractor and when I turned round I got a fright as the vehicle was careering down the hill, through a gate and onto the M74."

"The dog was unhurt after reportedly leaning on the controls of the tractor, taking it from a field on to the road," the BBC reports.

"Don was fine and did not bark during the incident," Hamilton tells STV.

On Twitter, people chimed in with a variety of jokes playing on whether the police had any "leads" in the case. Some said the story was "barking mad" — and an Edinburgh man said, "Ruff morning then..."

Traffic Scotland later tweeted a photo of Don the dog; it also admitted that the incident "has to be the weirdest thing we have ever reported!"

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Bill Chappell is a writer and editor on the News Desk in the heart of NPR's newsroom in Washington, D.C.