Expert Panel To Advise On Connecticut Reopening

Apr 24, 2020

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont says he’ll wait until a panel of experts report to him on May 20th before deciding when to reopen the state.

The Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group is made up of health, business, workforce and education experts. Lamont says they will consult with his administration and legislative leaders before they make their recommendation.

“May 20th is the date we’ll have more information on testing, more information on contact tracking, and more information in terms of the gowns and the protective gear, all of which will help inform how and when we get our economy open again.”

Indra Nooyi, a retired CEO of PepsiCo, co-heads the panel. She says they are likely to recommend a gradual opening of economic sectors beginning in June and not a big bang opening.

“What we are modeling out is if we can’t do the big bang opening, how do we layer in pieces of Connecticut that can be opened and can we control those pieces so that there isn’t another outbreak.”

Nooyi says widespread testing for COVID-19 would be needed.

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