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George Lombardi Legacy Fund

Honor George's Legacy With A Gift To The George Lombardi Legacy Fund

Support the George Lombardi Legacy Fund and the listeners that depend on WSHU for essential news coverage and locally inspired classical music programs!

Forty years have passed since George Lombardi first became involved in WSHU Public Radio at Sacred Heart University, back when he was a student and started working at the station as an engineer.

Over time, George had the vision of making WSHU an affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR), and he was able to make it happen 1983. The station went from the Cape Cod-styled house in the parking lot on Jefferson Street to the modern WSHU studios on Park Avenue you see today.

WSHU became the unifying voice of our region: on-air, online and in person. We offer differing and sometimes challenging perspectives through well-researched content that allows individuals to draw their own conclusions. Our goals are to foster constructive dialogue and to inspire and empower our listeners. Today, we serve as a companion, an essential daily touchstone and a source of support for over 250,000 weekly listeners.

With this change in our scale and scope has come the need for modern data management tools, a robust online presence, a growing staff of skilled professionals, and a reserve fund to allow us to be a dynamic as the world in which we operate.

With your participation, we can raise $150,000 that will strengthen George’s legacy and build WSHU’s future. Your gift will allow us to:

  1. Enhance your listening and online experience by investing in WSHU’s Digital Presence and increasing the capacity of the news room
  2. Invest in classical music initiatives to ensure that it remains a vibrant, living art form for you, your family and future audiences
  3. Fund other programmatic services now and for future generations by building a solid, robust reserve fund

Thank you for your consideration.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8QRybE81lk" target="_blank">Watch the video of the George Lombardi retirement celebration!

In this once-in-a-career celebration, special guests pay tribute to George, Fairfield's First Selectwoman issues a town proclamation and SHU's President appoints George General Manager Emeritus of WSHU Public Radio. Other special guests will delight you as well!