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America Reckons With Racial Injustice

John Minchillo

In addition to bringing you fact-based journalism and music that moves you, WSHU’s mission is to connect differing—and sometimes challenging—perspectives through well-researched content that allows individuals to draw their own conclusions. We want to foster constructive dialogue to inspire and empower our listeners and the general public. The following resources come from our colleagues at NPR. We hope these podcasts and articles can help foster thought, dialogue and provide context on how the U.S., in all fifty states, is reckoning with racial injustice. 

WSHU stands in solidarity with all those who fight for social justice. We have no tolerance for racism, bullying, violence, or discrimination of any kind. We will not balance any anti-racist reporting with a racist perspective. 

The WSHU mission closes with this statement:

“WSHU Public Radio is committed to making our community a better place to live.”

This belief guides how we do our work.

We will strive harder to continue to elevate all voices in all our communities, and bear witness to this historic moment. 

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