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A Message from Kate Remington

As the social implications of the coronavirus continue to affect us, I'm constantly thinking about classical music’s potential to bring all of us together even in this period of isolation.

I've been reconsidering the music* I choose–and that Lauren and I choose together–to make sure that it's uplifting and gives WSHU listeners hope and comfort. 

Several listeners have asked me for music that's very quiet and contemplative during this stressful time. While I appreciate that music that is very "hushed" may be comforting to some, I also feel that it's important to share music that's exuberant, life-affirming and joyful. So both Lauren and I select a mix of music every day that gives listeners a safe space, a place to just "be" with your thoughts, whatever they are.

Know that as you're listening, lots of other people are, too. It's a way of being alone, together.

One of classical music’s great powers is its ability to free your mind to visit far-off lands and times. Lauren and I have chosen music during the last few weeks that let you travel virtually to Spain, France, England, the American West…and then closer to home in New England and New York.  

And this week, Lauren launched “Afternoon Reset.” It’s like a musical “safe space” you can visit every weekday at 2:04 p.m. when you need a break from the rest of the world. She’ll offer a piece of music specially chosen to give you a breather: something beautiful, attention-grabbing and soul-stirring to help you recalibrate.

I believe that sharing pieces of music that were written hundreds of years ago helps us take stock of the long view of humanity, and lets us know that this is just a moment in time that we will get through together. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of your life during this extraordinary time.

Be well,
Kate Remington
WSHU Music Director

*Remember, you can hear our classical programming no matter where you are. Listen via our website, your smart speaker or our convenient app.