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Year In Review With WSHU

Laura Ballou

WSHU produced thousands of reports this year, covering topics as diverse as the environment, politics, pop culture, the opioid crisis and immigration.

This year, we thought it would be fun to see what stories were the most popular with you, our listeners and readers, as demonstrated by the greatest number of hits on our website. 

Enjoy (re)reading and happy holidays from all of us at WSHU!


#10. Of all of our stories on the environment, one on wild salmon spawning again - the first time since the Revolutionary War - resonated with thousands of people online.

#9. Readers kept coming back to a spooky story about a doll named Annabelle that inspired several horror movies and is now kept in the basement of the Warrens Occult Museum in Connecticut.

#8. Even with web streaming and social media, WSHU is first and foremost, a radio station. In March, Engineering Director Paul Litwinovich explained the origins of AM radio to readers as part of his clever web series, Vintage Radio.

#7. In April, our Long Island News Bureau reported on Trancito Perez, the accidental father of the Guatemalan community in Riverhead, Long Island. The story explored the shared history between Riverhead and Perez's hometown of San Raymundo, Guatemala.


#6. GE leaving Connecticut for Boston was a huge story this year. In January, we reported on the company's manufacturing origins in Bridgeport and its unlikely connection to the Russian Revolution.

Credit Lucas Jackson / AP

5. In October, amid the Gilmore Girls revival hype, we reported on Washington, Connecticut, the real life inspiration behind the fictional town of Stars Hollow.

#4. From Engineering Director Paul Litwinovich's Vintage Radio series, Royalty of Radios went back in time to look at the incredibly popular battery-powered tube radios.


Credit Courtesy of Pixabay

#3. In August, the Long Island News Bureau reported on the Teenager Who May Have Helped Solve Colony Collapse Disorder In Bees.

#2. In February, we reported on a major story of Tainted Heroin Causing 18 Overdoses in New London.


Credit Davis Dunavin / WSHU

#1. More than 35,000 people came to the WSHU website to read Davis Dunavin's story on the mysterious medieval Voynich Manuscript at Yale.

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