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A home in Riverhead, N.Y. on the north shore of Long Island.
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Reports from Terry Sheridan, J.D. AllenDesiree D'Iorio and the Long Island News Bureau staff, in collaboration with Stony Brook University's School of Communication and Journalism; WSHU's Charles Lane; and Karen DeWitt of New York State Public Radio Exchange.

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A COVID-19 vaccine being prepared at the New York State drive-thru vaccination site at Plattsburgh International Airport.
Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

At WSHU, we got an email from a listener from Riverhead on Long Island who was concerned about her elderly parents getting the COVID-19 vaccine. She wanted to know when it was safe for them to get the shot since they were treated for COVID-19 with antibodies earlier this year. So, we asked Dr. Roderick Go, an associate professor of clinical medicine at Stony Brook Medicine.

The listener said her parents feel healthy after having COVID-19 in March. She said they were to wait at least 90 days till their first shot. But now they are worried how protected they will be.

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New Yorkers have paid over $1.6 billion in bank fees since the start of the pandemic. A group of progressive groups said the fees have exacerbated the financial hardships of low-income residents and slowed their post-pandemic recovery.

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A former MS-13 gang leader on Long Island was sentenced to 25 years in prison this week for two separate shootings that left several people wounded.

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The 2021 New York legislative session is in its final hours, with many items yet to be resolved. Criminal justice reforms continue to dominate at the end of the session, just as they have for the past two years.

Here’s a look at what seems to be in, and what seems to be out.