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The Full Story is a lively, thought-provoking one-hour talk show that delivers intelligent conversation on what’s happening right now in our community. Hosted by veteran journalist Ron RopiakThe Full Story explores the news that is important in our region, including the economy, the opioid epidemic, the well-being of Long Island Sound, transportation, and Connecticut and New York politics. We talk with newsmakers, provide context for the issues, and invite listeners to engage in the discussion through social media.

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Things To Do This Summer

Jul 17, 2019
vjapratama from Pexels

Tourism in our region is a billion-dollar business. Parks, aquariums, zoos, even historic attractions like the Revolutionary War-era Culper Spy Ring on Long Island. We explore local sites with guests:

How Screen Time Affects Kids

Jul 16, 2019
Andi Graf from Pixabay

Everywhere you look, kids, even very young ones, are staring into screens. And many parents wonder about the impact it’s having on their brains and development. How much time should parents allow young children to spend on cell phones or tablets? And what’s the right age to give children their own device? Our guests:

Child Care Safety And Costs

Jul 15, 2019
Bill Kasman from Pixabay

Three years ago Connecticut cut subsidies to help residents pay for licensed child care. In New York the amount of money invested in early child care programs has dropped. Affordable and safe child care remains a challenge for many families in our area. With fewer resources to support parents, what’s happening to kids? Our guests:

Week In News: July 12, 2019

Jul 12, 2019
Joshua Joseph

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont shakes up his staff and signs three new laws protecting Connecticut’s LGBTQ community. A federal judge clears the way for the Walk Bridge to be replaced. And on Long Island, we take a closer look at how the Pine Barrens protect the groundwater. Our guests:

Toxic Chemicals In Our Drinking Water

Jul 11, 2019
Courtesy of Pexels

Toxic chemicals like PFAS and 1,4-dioxane are seeping into the groundwater and spilling into the rivers in our area. Officials in Connecticut and New York are taking action to clean up the contamination. What are these chemicals and what’s being done to safeguard our drinking water? Our guests: