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Suing Purdue Pharma And The Sacklers

Apr 29, 2019
Jessica Hill / AP

Several state attorneys general have mounted lawsuits against painkiller manufacturers, including Stamford-based Purdue Pharma, which makes OxyContin. They want to curb the production and distribution of opioids that are to blame for hundreds of thousands of deaths nationwide. Recently New York and Connecticut expanded their lawsuits to include the Sackler family, who owns Purdue Pharma. But will this stop the opioid crisis, create policy change, or just lead to massive settlements that temporarily cripple companies? Our guests:

The Week In News: An Environmental Review

Apr 26, 2019
ejaugsburg from Pixabay

We close out our week on the environment with three journalists who cover it. One’s a veteran columnist on Long Island. Another keeps tabs of environmental policy in Connecticut. The third is a young reporter on a research vessel off the coast of Iceland. Our guests:

Green Problems In A Greener World

Apr 25, 2019
Reed Saxon / AP

Has the push for a "greener" world created "green" problems? The recycling industry is fighting regulations to cut back on bottles and plastic products they say will hurt their business. Towns want to go to 100 percent renewable energy with large solar arrays, but environmentalists say cutting down acres of trees is the wrong way to go green. Is there a right way? Our guests:

Wind Energy From Offshore Long Island

Apr 24, 2019
Michael Dwyer / AP

Acres of ocean are carved out for offshore wind projects in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island. The proposed energy projects are expected to power much of the Northeast. New York will decide soon what companies will be awarded projects. Orsted and Eversource are vying for a state award to make Port Jefferson the hub for all the companies' offshore wind projects in the Northeast. The federal government is proposing even more ocean for wind energy in the Atlantic, off Long Island's South Shore.

Measles: The Canary In The Coal Mine?

Apr 23, 2019
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Connecticut authorities have confirmed three cases of measles in the state since the beginning of the year. Lawmakers in Hartford say a growing anti-vaccination movement is to blame, and they’re considering legislation, admittedly contentious, to end religious exemptions for required vaccinations in schools. New York lawmakers have proposed similar legislation as a measles outbreak has sickened hundreds, primarily from Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, Queens and Rockland County.