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Modern Monetary Theory: An Explainer

Feb 4, 2020
Mark Lennihan / AP

Some progressives view Modern Monetary Theory as a solution to debt and paying for increased services, like universal healthcare, without needing to raise taxes. Conservatives are concerned that printing more money will cause inflation and the collapse of the American economy. We'll discuss the theory and more, with guests:

Mark Humphrey / AP

Suffolk County's first black elected family court judge wants the criminal justice system to keep families together and treat racial groups the same. That can be a challenge as she says our region has rules that put minority communities at a disadvantage. We’ll discuss racial disparities in communities and the courts, with guests:

Cutting History Class

Jan 29, 2020
Steve Helber / AP

Plans to revamp graduation requirements and possibly eliminate some standardized exams have social studies teachers worried. Federal law requires high school testing in English, math, and science, but there is no mandate for history. That means social studies could be the first to go. Our guests:

Economic Outlook: Connecticut

Jan 22, 2020
Sage Ross / Flickr

Connecticut has been slow to recover from the recession…slower than most of the country. Despite many challenges, the Lamont administration is taking an optimistic economic stance. A columnist says it’ll take more than just hometown spirit to bounce back. Our guests:

Courtesy of Brookhaven National Laboratory

The federal government has chosen Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island as the site for a new particle accelerator that will allow scientists to see inside an atom’s core. Meanwhile, Connecticut’s chief manufacturing czar lays out his goals for bolstering industry in the state. Our guests: