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The Full Story is a lively, thought-provoking news program that delivers intelligent conversation on what’s happening right now in our community. In a weekly show, WSHU’s long-time Morning Edition host Tom Kuser explores the news that is important in our region during these extraordinary times, including the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the reopening of the economy following the shutdown.

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Changing the zoning rules in Connecticut was a heated issue for lawmakers this year. The proposed bills ignited a fierce debate over the development of more affordable housing in the state. Now the legislative session is over. Some bills didn’t make the cut. Others were approved, but not before heavy amendments. So will these new laws actually create more affordable housing units in the state?

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It was more than 10 years in the making. And now its moment has arrived. Pot will be legal in Connecticut. New York passed a similar bill earlier this year. So what does this dramatic change for our region mean? We’ll talk to lawmakers and advocates to find out what living with legal weed looks like.

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The 2021 Hurricane season is underway. And federal officials predict this year we’ll see above-normal storm activity along the Atlantic coast. Again! Between now and November, officials estimate there will be 13 to 20 named storms, and half of them will become hurricanes. Officials advise communities living near the coastline to prepare. So are we ready? This week on The Full Story, host Tom Kuser speaks with key people who are already working to keep our region safe from a major weather event. Getting ready for hurricane season, a conversation with: 

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Remote learning, in-class sessions, student pods, hybrids. Last year students in our region were faced with a spectrum of options to continue their studies during the pandemic. So how did the students, and the educational system for that matter, survive COVID-19? Today on The Full Story, we speak with educators in Connecticut and New York about how schools and students managed the last school year. We’ll also find out if school districts have what they need to help students stay on track to complete their schoolwork and advance to the next level.

A conversation with guests:

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Ridership on public transportation plunged to new lows during the pandemic.  Now that Connecticut and New York are fully re-opening, will people go back to using buses and trains in the same numbers? Some experts say don’t count on it. This week on The Full Story we explore how the pandemic transformed public transportation in our region and what plans are in play to expand and improve the systems we use to get around.