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Week In News: May 17, 2019

May 17, 2019
Johnathon Henninger and Hans Pennink/AP

Bills to improve safety on roads and school buses in New York move forward in the State Senate, while regulators say no to a natural gas pipeline. In Connecticut a whole bunch of bills move slowly through the legislature. And a reporter gets detained by police in Bridgeport. Our guests:

The Latest On The Vaccine Wars

May 16, 2019
Angelo Esslinger from Pixabay

More than 100 schools in Connecticut fall below the 95% measles vaccination rate recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. High vaccination rates protect vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Yet there are parents protesting in Hartford to prevent their kids from inoculations against measles, flu, and in some cases, any illness. What’s being done about it? Our guests:

Highway Tolls In Connecticut: Where Are We?

May 15, 2019
Susan Haigh / AP

The tolls debate is coming to a head in Connecticut. Democrats support tolls to fund highway and railroad projects. Republicans oppose tolls and want to borrow money for the Special Transportation Fund to pay for those projects. Meanwhile, unions, homebuilders and truckers are fiercely lobbying to swing their vote. To toll or not to toll…with our guests:

Can Beach Erosion Be Controlled?

May 14, 2019
Julio Cortez / AP

Billions of cubic yards of sand on Connecticut and Long Island beaches have been washed out to sea from erosion and rising tides. Beaches are vital to recreation and the economy of our region. How are the beaches changing and what’s being done to protect them? Our guests:

Emily Dooley / AP

In the late 1960s Ned Coll sparked a movement against private ownership of beaches in Connecticut. It was his mission to open the beaches to minorities and poor people from the cities. Did it work? How accessible are private and public Long Island and Connecticut beaches today? Our guests: