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The Full Story is a lively, thought-provoking one-hour talk show that delivers intelligent conversation on what’s happening right now in our community. Hosted by veteran journalist Ron RopiakThe Full Story explores the news that is important in our region, including the economy, the opioid epidemic, the well-being of Long Island Sound and Connecticut and New York politics. 

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Free Speech On Campus

Feb 20, 2020
Noah Berger / AP

A free speech watchdog gave poor marks to several Connecticut and Long Island colleges and universities on its annual scorecard. We’ll discuss why schools say students check some of their rights at the door when they agree to campus code of conducts, with guests:

Ransomware Attacks And Prevention

Feb 19, 2020
Werner Moser from Pixabay

Hackers have used viruses to infect and hold municipal and institutional computer systems hostage. It’s happened to school districts in Connecticut and on Long Island. We’ll discuss how cybersecurity experts will prepare for future ransomware attacks, while others try to pay the hackers' price, with guests:

In Conversation: Governor Lamont

Feb 18, 2020
J.D. Allen / WSHU

First-term Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont has been in office for a year. He talks about stalled plans for tolls, conflicting environmental policies, a lofty proposal to fund education, and makes his case for living and working in time on The Full Story.

Presidents Day Show

Feb 13, 2020
Credit: FDR: Leon A. Perskie

In honor of Presidents Day, we will be highlighting the U.S. Presidents from our region: Teddy Roosevelt from Oyster Bay on Long Island, George H.W. Bush from Greenwich, Connecticut, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt from Hyde Park, New York. Our guests:

Social Worker Caseload

Feb 13, 2020
Bessi from Pixabay

Social workers who strive to protect kids from harm have long struggled with too many cases. Efforts in Connecticut have led to the lowest level of caseloads in 30 years. But in New York, the death of an 8-year-old boy from Long Island shows there’s more work to done. We'll discuss how caseworkers try to keep up, with guests: