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The Full Story is a lively, thought-provoking news program that delivers intelligent conversation on what’s happening right now in our community. In a weekly show, WSHU’s long-time Morning Edition host Tom Kuser explores the news that is important in our region during these extraordinary times, including the Black Lives Matter movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the reopening of the economy following the shutdown.

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The moratoriums on rent and mortgages In Connecticut and New York set to end in December have been extended into the New Year. Does that help homeowners and renters and landlords, or does it just delay the impending evictions? What are lawmakers doing to keep people in their homes? And last year, local food banks struggled to meet the growing demand for their services. What are they doing this year to keep people fed? Housing and food security.

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2020 is behind us. And the new year has just begun. So what will 2021 bring us? First up, the state legislatures for Connecticut and New York started their sessions this week. Lawmakers have a lot of ground to cover, including distributing vaccines, balancing budgets, and legalizing recreational marijuana. We speak with reporters covering Hartford and Albany to get their take on the opening day. The Suffolk County Police Department members head to Ferguson, Missouri, to lead a training on implicit bias in policing.

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Appalachian Folk Ballads and Urban Sci-Fi

Dec 24, 2020
W. Clark Presents / Derek Piotr

It’s our final show of the year.  So we’re saying goodbye to 2020 with music and literature.  But be warned, the culture we’re sharing is gritty.  We’ll go on a song catching journey with a Connecticut based musician searching for a medieval European ballad in Appalachia.  

Then we head to Bridgeport, where a science fiction author imagines a world without guns or technology.  Old European ballads and Urban Science Fiction, that’s next on The Full Story.

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Long Island Growers Market / Facebook

While many businesses were forced to close their doors during the pandemic shut down earlier this year, farmers markets stayed open. Their produce was in demand, and they helped to keep the food supply chain flowing. Today on The Full Story, we’re checking in with farmers markets in Connecticut and New York to find out how they’re making it through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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SCAMS! They're Out to Get You

Dec 3, 2020
Sahand Hoseini / Unsplash

The holidays are here. And so are the scammers. They're out in full force to separate consumers from their hard-earned money. And the pandemic has opened the door to a unique form of fraud with fake testing kits and bogus cures. Today on The Full Story, we examine the consumer fraud scams in our region and what you can do to stop them.

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