Classical Music Highlights

From WSHU's daytime and evening classical programs, Kate Remington and Lauren Rico give you a heads-up on some of the best music they've selected.

Antonin Dvorak spent his summer vacations in a small town in Iowa, and today we'll enjoy one of the pieces he wrote during those relaxing interludes.  

Richard Strauss transformed Nietzche's epic work, Thus Spake Zarathustra into a series of eight important moments.  We'll enjoy a performance of it tonight.  

We'll celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an impression of the Irish Landscape from Arnold Bax, and Irish music through the centuries.  

You can unwind tonight as Wilhelm Peterson-Berger's Second Symphony takes us for "A Journey on Southerly Winds."  

Every day the music programs on WSHU bring you not only the familiar pieces you've come to love over the years, but our hosts delve deep into our incredible library to discover the hidden gems that add spice to our music mix.  You're invited to spend the day on a musical journey with us.