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A bill on the desk of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont would rewrite the state’s zoning code and is supposed to create more fair and equitable housing. 

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Zoning! You can’t talk about affordable housing in Connecticut without it. Zoning laws set the rules for new housing development in the state. Some residents want to keep local control over zoning. 

But affordable housing advocates support legislation that would make it easier to develop more diverse housing for medium and low-income residents. Zoning! It’s undergoing a transformation in Connecticut.

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A Connecticut resident holds a sign at a CT169Strong rally in West Haven.
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Opponents of controversial zoning bills in Connecticut say the new pieces of legislation would make it impossible for towns to say "no" to development projects they don’t like.

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Lawmakers and advocates in Connecticut are debating a set of bills meant to make more equitable laws to decide where affordable housing and development happens.

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After weeks of closed-door meetings and public hearings, officials in Norwalk, Conn., have agreed to settle a two-year legal battle with a local Muslim group that was looking to build a mosque. The case highlighted a federal law that some in Norwalk felt left the city vulnerable to litigation. 

The Common Council unanimously agreed to a payout to Al Madany Islamic Center of more than $1 million in damages and legal fees. About $300,000 will be paid by the city's insurer.