Courtesy of NASA, ESA, M. Sun (University of Alabama), and W. Cramer and J. Kenney (Yale University) via Yale News

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has given us some extraordinary sights of the universe since it went up in 1990. The latest comes from some Yale researchers – who used it to take pictures of a dying galaxy.

Courtesy of Yale University

An international team of astronomers, including some from Yale, have found the brightest thing ever detected in the universe. How bright? It shines with the light of 600 trillion suns.   

Courtesy of Pexels

A new study from Yale suggests white people who consider themselves politically liberal use language that makes them sound less competent when they talk with people of color. 

David Goldman / AP

Global warming is changing the range of water currents that flow deep under the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. That’s according to new research from Yale examining the effects of melting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.

Susan Montoya Bryan / AP

What do burnt toast and dinosaur bones have in common? Yale researchers have found the surprising answer. It lies in the chemicals that keep some bodily tissues intact within dinosaur fossils.