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The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Yale on Thursday that claims its undergraduate admissions process discriminates against Asian and white applicants in violation of the 1964 Civl Rights Act. Some civil rights attorneys see the lawsuit as a threat to affirmative action.

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Researchers from Yale think they’ve found one reason children with COVID-19 fare better than adults: the presence of some helpful molecules in their immune systems. 

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It’s one of the world’s great literary mysteries: a 15th century book full of bizarre illustrations of imaginary plants, astrological signs, surreal figures and landscapes. Its origins are unknown, its creator anonymous. And it’s written entirely in an unknown language that’s stumped the world’s greatest codebreakers.

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Scientists at Yale University are teaming up with the NBA to explore a new method of testing for COVID-19.

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Connecticut restaurants were open for indoor dining this week for the first time since March. But experts warn that people shouldn’t let their guards down.