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COVID-19 may lead to a new and worse form of acute kidney injury. That’s according to Yale School of Medicine in a finding published in the Journal of the American Medical Association this month.

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The Yale School of Medicine says it will prioritize diverse and underserved communities as it conducts Covid-19 vaccine trials.


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More and more, medical professionals in Connecticut are turning to tablets and cell phones to connect remotely with patients. It’s called “telehealth,” and it’s facilitating everything from after-hours examinations to post-surgery check-ins.

Page Waller said headaches, fever, and even tick bites are all conditions where telemedicine, also called “telehealth,” can save time or an expensive visit to the emergency room. “You really don’t always need to lay hands on a patient to be able to diagnose them with a common problem,” Waller said.

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A newly published study says a quarter of patients seeking new drugs to treat Hepatitis C while enrolled in the Yale Viral Hepatitis Program were denied by their insurance companies, both public and private.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 2.5 million people around the country live with congenital heart defects or CHD's.

With advances in medical science, people with CHD's are living longer and this is creating new challenges for the medical establishment.