WSHU's J.D. Allen and Sabrina Garone explore the Carmans River in Suffolk County, New York, as they report for the new WSHU podcast Higher Ground.
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Sylvestor Manor on Shelter Island, the first of Long Island's plantations. Enslaved people were brought to Sylvestor Manor in the mid-1600s.
Brianne Ledda / WSHU

Below are the stories of the national Edward R. Murrow Award-winning series "Slavery on Long Island: The History That We Forget To Remember", produced by students at the Stony Brook University School of Communications and Journalism:

This summer, we’re updating our broadcast lineup in order to better meet the evolving listening preferences of our audience.

Below are the changes that you’ll hear beginning August 7. Updated program schedules are here.


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In 1922 there were about 100,000 domestic radios in use in the whole United States, and 30 broadcasting stations. By 1924 there were half a million radio sets and over 500 stations. Radio just kept on growing from there.

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