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Not a single monument in New York City’s Central Park depicts real-life women. But a sculptor in Connecticut will change that. 

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Pregnant and breastfeeding women in Connecticut should avoid drinking Pride Pure and Hy-Top Spring Water bottled before July 22. That’s according to an advisory issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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Business in one historic town in eastern Connecticut has always revolved around the ocean. Now, a 250-year-old farm in the area wants to diversify the food economy in more ways than one. It’s become a hub to learn about what we eat and value: the men – and women – who produce our food.

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When Governor Cuomo laid out his 2019 agenda earlier this week, he promised that a bill protecting abortion rights for New York’s women would become law by the end of January. Supporters say they are pleased that the measure may finally move, but they say it’s not time to be complacent.

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The Connecticut House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday requiring fair treatment for incarcerated women.