Wind Farm

Courtesy of Deepwater Wind South Fork Wind Farm / Facebook

The town of East Hampton is close to reaching an agreement with developers to bring an offshore wind farm cable to shore in eastern Long Island. The deal would also help pay for $8.5 million worth of improvements in town.

Peter Dejong / AP

Governor Ned Lamont has reaffirmed his goal for a carbon-free electric grid in Connecticut by 2040.

Davis Dunavin / WSHU

One of three offshore wind farm companies seeking contracts with Connecticut says it’ll partner with a manufacturer in the state to build parts for a Bridgeport-based wind hub.

Brian Scott-Smith

David Kooris, deputy commissioner for the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, says the state is now using digital technology to target and track visitors to get a better return on the state’s tourism budget.

Michael Dwyer / AP

New York inches closer to its first offshore wind farm as developers reached a lease option agreement with a Montauk fishing cooperative.