A bill to block a controversial method of counting prison inmates on the census may be close to passing in Connecticut. 

Bridgeport City Website

A group that sued the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, over alleged absentee ballot abuse in 2019 has launched a campaign to “Unrig Bridgeport.”

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

Suffolk County has started to remove polling sites from elementary schools. A voting site at a Selden elementary school was the first moved.

The post office in the unincorporated village of Wainscott in East Hampton, Long Island.
Image Courtesy Americasroof / Wikimedia Commons

A petition filed to incorporate Wainscott, Long Island, into a village has been rejected.

Jacqlyn Rena / WSHU Public Radio

Voters in Connecticut and New York have been up at the crack of dawn to vote in today's election.