Bebeto Matthews / AP

The town of Islip on Long Island has spent nearly $3 million in 2019 battling a federal voting rights lawsuit that alleges the town’s electoral system denies Latino voters equal representation. 

Hans Pennink / AP

A commission designing a public campaign finance system for the state’s political races is poised to limit fusion voting, or the ability for candidates to run on multiple party lines. Now the leader of the State Senate is saying that it would be better if the commission leaves it alone.

Hans Pennink / AP

Reform groups say they are dismayed with the direction of a commission appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders to implement a public campaign finance system for state elected offices. The commission has just two more meetings before it issue its final report.

Mark Lennihan / AP

Some members of a commission that’s creating the rules for a public campaign finance system for state elected offices are concerned that the plans being developed would be too favorable to incumbent politicians.  

Alexander F. Yuan / AP

Sacred Heart University students say they experienced what the university calls “borderline voter suppression” at polling places in Bridgeport yesterday.