Video Game Music

True VR / Top Dollar PR

TIKAL, Night of the Blood Moon is an immersive virtual reality experience, in which you and friends are discovering age-old secrets in a specially-built space that's totally immersive.  Composer Jakob Eisenbach's soundtrack and sound design complete the compelling experience.

  TIKAL Night of the Blood Moon is currently playing in many locations in Europe, as well as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Canada.

The Artful Escape / Annapurna Interactive

Imagine you're the nephew of a legendary folk music icon, about to perform your first concert. Only thing is, you're really not sure you want to follow the path that seems set out for you. That's the dilemma young Francis Vendetti faces in Johnny Galvatron's visionary game, The Artful Escape. Johnny Galvatron is a true Australian rock star, signed by a label and off on a tour before he finished university. The Artful Escape is his way of reconnecting with a side of music he didn't get a chance to explore earlier. 

Double Fine / Top Dollar PR

Fourteen years after Tim Shafer's Double Fine Productions released the quirky Psychonauts, composer Peter McConnell had a chance to expand on the themes and musical ideas he concieved for the orignal game. He describes the chance to work on Psychonauts 2 as "the opportunity of a lifetime!"

Joy Manufacturing Co

Paris, 1789: A young woman arrives in town at the invitation of her beloved, only to discover that he's missing and talk of revolution is swirling through the fashionable salons. In Ambition: A Minuet in Power, created by Joy Manufacturing Co., Yvette relies on her wiles to glean juicy gossip and use it to make connections to upgrade her social status. Composer John Robert Matz has created a pitch-perfect 18th Century soundtrack to accompany all the intrigue and tension of this remarkable era.

Fallen Flag Studio

Eldest Souls, the first release from Fallen Flag Studio, is a brutally difficult challenge, as the last in a long line of would-be heroes tries to conquer a seemingly never-ending stream of enemies in order to restore balance to the world. Composer Sergio Ronchetti's first-ever game score is up to the challenge, with an artful blend of strings and percussion that perfectly matches each boss. Sergio says he's pretty sure he got the job because he was able to beat one of the impossible bosses at an early demo of the game.