Video Game Music

Inkle Studios

Camelot has fallen, and King Arthur's knights of the Round Table scattered to the winds. Guinever has retreated to a nunnery. Pendragon, Inkle Studio's retelling of the legend of King Arthur, lets players choose to be Sir Lancelot or Guinevere on a quest to return to help Arthur defeat his mortal enemy, Mordred. Laurence Chapman provides a soundtrack that keeps the player company on their journey, as a band of troubadours might have done.

Hangar 13, 2K Games Xbox Achievements

The turf war between the Morello and Salieri crime families in the 1930s has been brought stunningly back to life in Mafia: Definitive Edition by Hangar 13 and 2K. Composer Jesse Harlin incorporated a whisper of the game's original theme, then expanded his soundtrack to reflect the Old World history of the two mafia dons as well as the younger generation of the characters, including taxi-driver Tommy Angelo, who gets pulled into working for the families.

Final Fantasy VII is regarded as a landmark game by, well... everyone! Created by Square Enix in 1997, it marked a departure from typical games of the era, with a sophisticated story, compelling characters and awesome music by the legendary Nobuo Uematsu. Remaking Final Fantasy VII  in a modern game engine for a new generation of players and long-time fans has been a multi-year project for Square. The remake also reimagines the original music.

Christopher Tin's latest album, To Shiver The Sky, tells the history of humanity's dream of flight and space exploration.  The seed that grew this epic work is his setting of Leonardo's writings about flight, Sogno di Volare, which was used in the game Civilization VI. Christopher says that sparked the idea of creating a multi-movement work that takes us on a journey from the Middle Ages to modern times, with texts by such diverse writers as Hildegard von Bingen, Copernicus, Amelia Earhart and John F. Kennedy.

"Don't play this game before bedtime" is a warning from a review of Carrion, created by the tiny studio of Phobia Games. This reverse-horror game gives players a chance to be the monster, creating destruction in the lab where it escapes captivity.  Composer Cris Velasco says he was totally on "Team Monster" as he was creating his soundtrack.